Forms - Two questions on the same row

Within a Form I want to put two questions side by side rather than one question below the other. For example, in my main table I’ve a column for First Name and a column for Surname. On my Form I’d like:

Enter Your Name:
First Name: Surname:

Rather than:

Enter Your First Name
First Name:

Enter Your Surname

Can you have two questions on the same row?

Note: I’ve just signed up to and I’m using the free trial if that makes a difference.


Nachliel from Easyapps here

monday forms don’t support multiple questions in a single line.

Our monday app Easyform does support this feature and many others that help you create styled forms.

You can check out our documentation site and set up a free demo here or contact us at with any question.

Here is an example of our form in action:
main gif easyform

I hope this helps