Formula Column disables Move to another Group Automation

I created a formula for calculating a start date (text field at the moment). #1

I have automations that allow an item to be moved across groups when there’s a specific status change. #2

However I noticed, with #1 in place, all my #2s are disabled completely after the automation is triggered.

Hey @jennyvaz, would you be able to send over a screenshot of the formula column and the automation? I’d like to test this on my end! Additionally, just to double check, do the columns in your destination board match the columns in your origin board? I ask this as in order for data to successfully move across boards the columns types must match. That being said, from my understanding a formula column should have no impact on the functionality of an automation so this does sound a little odd!

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Did a recording of this

And thanks for picking this up. Both formula and automations are on the same board. Formula works according to the group the item’s been moved to.

Thanks so much for sending this video across! I’ve set up a test on my end, and don’t seem to be running into this same issue. As a test, can you please duplicate the automation, and toggle the original one off, then trigger the automation again? Does the issue persist? Are you also able to click into edit column selection and let me know which specific column the error message is referring to?

OMG… problem between chair and keyboard! Thank you!! Makes sense now. Problem fixed.

Brilliant! No problem :blush: