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I am using Monday as a CRM tool for Sales/Bus Dev and it seems to be difficult to calculate conversion rates using the formula tab.

You would normally do this:


However, I haven’t found a straightforward way to either:

A: Count the total amount accounts labelled as ‘Won’ or ‘A different label’ to apply the above formula.

B: A simple formula to do this for you.

Can anyone think of a clever way to do this without cranking up automations or manually inputting numbers for each lead.

Hi @ncehic Welcome to the monday community!

generally I use dashboards or charts for summarizing table data. If all of your lead data is in one board you can add a ‘chart’ view to your board and do a pie chart based on the ‘status’ label.
If you have leads spread across multiple boards you would need a dashboard to aggregate the data.

Here is a quick example of a chart which shows a 20% conversion rate for my ‘lead board’

Formulas in monday are a bit different than excel in that they really only consider the ‘row’ and not the entire table. whereas charts/numbers are better for depicting sums/calculations of the whole board.

hope that helps!

Hey @ncehic -

Great suggestion by @timlittletech, love that idea. To add a couple of ideas as you think through the best way to approach this:

  1. As of recently, you can now perform functions in charts - once you select the Y axis, you can choose what function you’d like:


  1. Another idea would be to use the 100% stacked bar chart and stack by the Status column, which would then give you each status as a percentage and you can split it out by whatever value you’d like as your X axis (person, group, board).

Hopefully some of these suggestions get you what you’re looking for, but let us know if we can offer any additional info!

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