Conversion Formula

I have a Pipeline workspace where when each lead is received, it follows a path through different stages such as :

  1. New Lead Received
  2. Working Pipeline (SQL)
  3. Proposal Sent
  4. won deal
  5. Lost deal

Now, I want to calculate the conversion rate and display it on the dashboard using the formula : how many ‘Working Pipeline (SQL)’ leads become; ‘Won Deal’, so the conversion rate as a percentage.

I need to calculate sum of the how many leads entered the Working Pipeline and from there how many went to won deal.

I am unable to count sum of items in a specific group so how I can get it to calculate the conversion ?

Hello @muhammad ,

Welcome to the monday community!

You can add a new status column to track how many leads go to the Working Pipeline (SQL) stage ( when status changes to Working Pipeline (SQL) change Tracking status to yes - of course, this is assuming that you also have a status tracking the stage of each lead ).

Then you would also create a PieChart in your dashboard showing only the statuses for Won and Lost Deals.

Hope this is useful, let me know if you need any more help!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at