Lead Close Probability (IF Formula)

Hi Guys,

I am new to Monday, and so far I love it. There are few built-in features that are missing that I think would be helpful to so many. One in particular, the Deals Pipeline template is missing a Close Probability calculation by stages. For instance, I want to know the win probability of a deal closing based on the current lead stage. My stages & scores would be setup as follows:

Prospecting = 5%
Presentation = 25%
Proposal Sent = 50%
In Review = 60%
Negotiation = 75%
Contract Sent = 90%
Won = 100%
Lost = 10%

So I think the best solution to create this is a IF THEN ELSE or SWITCH formula using the Formula Column. I also added the % symbol to the results using the unit results. Is there another way of achieving all of this?

SWITCH({Stage}, “Prospecting”, 5, “Presentation”, 25, “Proposal Sent”, 50, “In Review”, 60, “Negotiation”, 75, “Contract Sent”, 90, “Won”, 100, “Lost”, 0, 0)

Hi @Keel.Russell ,
The IF formula would work best for you here. I just typed out the following for you:

IF({Stage}=“Prospecting”,5,IF({Stage}=“Presentation”,25,IF({Stage}=“Proposal Sent”,50,IF({Stage}=“In Review”,60,IF({Stage}=“Negotiation”,75,IF({Stage}=“Contract Sent”,90,IF({Stage}=“Won”,100,IF({Stage}=“Lost”,10))))))))

Changing the unit to % is the best way to accomplish this. However, you will have to keep into consideration that if you use this formula to calculate anything else, you will need to make sure you divide it by 100. For example, if you were calculating the Forecast value by %, the formula would need to say:
MULTIPLY(DIVIDE({Close Probability},100),{Deal Value})

Im trying to do this and added a column now how do I change that column so that I can plug in the Switch formula? All I see is add column then I am stuck>? Can someone help?

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