Automate Probability

I would like the “Close Probability” of a deal to change to a set percentage when the stage changes.

I have set up 3 stages which are:

New (this is the default and represents a project that we are aware of but have not quoted
Quote 30% representing a project we have quoted that has a low probability of a win
Quote 70% representing a project we have quoted that has a higher probability of a win

Our needs are not really more specific than that, so when a stage changes, I want the close probability to reflect the same in the stage.

Why not just make changes to the close probability?

  1. I like the fixed percentages and do not need more granularity. If probability column can be a drop down that would be acceptable
  2. I like the stage automation of being able to move a win or loss to a different group automatically. Do not want to manage two columns to reflect the same info.
  3. I like the pretty colors easily identifying what kind of projects are out there.

Any ideas on how to achieve this? Thanks!

Hi @dstarr - this is easily enough achievable with setting a default value and two automations. Since New is default (and I assume is 0%) you can set a default value that a 0 is set when a new deal is added.

Then add two automations to set the Close Probability based on change of stage:

Then you can format the Close Probability column to show a “%” and your off to the races. This could also be easily accomplished in a formula column however this way if you wanted to drive further automations on the probability you can.


You can also use conditional coloring to set the probability to different colors based on thier value if needed.

Hope this helps!

Thank you this is just what I need, but I cannot for the life of me find that automation. Can you point me to it?

Actually never mind, I finally got it! Thanks!

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Great! I should have mentioned they were custom automations :slight_smile: