Abilty to SIMPLE SORT columns based on Stage order or CLOSE probability percentage (NOT color)

You should be able to sort columns based on the ORDER you entered the stages, or % amount (lowest to highest or highest to lowest, etc)

Using colors to sort (current state) DOES NOT WORK, if confusing. We have confirmed this is not working with multiple Monday.com reps.

  1. CLOSE PERCENTAGE: Need ability to sort CRM column to show correctly (lowest to highest or highest to lowest) automatically. currently sorts all out of order.
  2. DEAL STAGE - Need ability to sort column by Stage order we set up, NOT COLOR. Currently is all out of order.

The color sorting DOES NOT WORK correctly. Simply sorting works on other areas of the CRM, but in Opportunities board, it does NOT work currently correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey James!

If you use a Status Column and in the column settings enter the stages as status labels and drag them into the desired order, then when you apply a sort to the column it will show in the ascending order of the labels as you arranged them in the column settings.

Have you tried this out on your board or would it not quite work for what you need? Let us know your thoughts!