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Hi guys - I am new to the forum but wanted to really just share my latest achievement. Case is that I have 6 sales managers that need to all vote if a task is with a certain priority (Low, Normal, Urgent). So what I did is that I created 3 different Voting columns, then created another column for Priority and used a formula based on the count of the votes to give at the end the result of the voting. You can see in the screenshot how it looks. Also here is the formula I used: IF(and({Urgent#Count}>={Normal#Count},{Urgent#Count}>={Low#Count}),“Urgent”,IF(and({Normal#Count}>{Urgent#Count},{Normal#Count}>={Low#Count}),“Normal”,IF(and({Low#Count}>{Urgent#Count},{Low#Count}>{Normal#Count}),“Low”)))

The only thing I couldn’t do is limit the selection to one column only as now they can duplicate their vote by mistake and vote for example for Low and Urgent at the same time. If anyone can help with that would be greatly appreciated. Or if you can share your approach on such a request.

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Hey Anton,

Nice work on this formula and workflow!

We understand the current roadblock is the inability to limit the selection to one column, and at this stage, it isn’t currently to achieve this in the platform. That being said, I am interested if the format below could work for you more seamlessly?

Of course, I recognise that this certainly depends on your current structure and process, but this set-up allows you to utilise the subitems and status column to limit selections per sales manager, while also enabling you to mirror the summary into the parent item to pull the final urgency value. Does this make sense?

Certainly open to hearing from our other community members incase they’ve are in a similar situation :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the proposed format I might use it for a different situation.

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