Automations with OR


I’m trying to build an automation that does something like this:

if column 1 = H AND column 2 = 13 AND column 3 = XL OR column 2 = 8 AND column 3 = L THEN make change status of column 4 to red

There will be multiple variations of this recipe - i’m hoping there is a way to use OR otherwise I’ll need to write 84 individual automations for just this one calculated field.


Hi @kat - check out General Caster, you can do more complex formulas using IF/AND/OR statements and cast a result to a column.



thanks but that’s not going to work for us - I need this functionality in a template so I’d blow out the ops in about an hour and I can’t get budget for additional spend.

Sadly this will not be possible without 3rd party intervention (apps,, etc).