Using Formulas to Automate Sales Tracking


Our team is using a board on to track our Sales Pipeline. I am trying to figure out a formula that will automatically update our Close Probability when the Status is changed to something.

For example:
If the status = Initial Email/Call, then 5%
If the status = Follow Up Email/Call, then 10%
If the status = Meeting Booked, then 15%
If the status = Package Mailed, then 5%
If the status = Proposal/Quote Sent, then 25%
If the status = Proposal/Quote Received, then 40%
If the status = Negotiation, then 75%
If the status = Won, then 100%
If the status = Lost, then 0%
If the status = Cold Lead, then 0%

Can anyone help me create this formula? I cannot figure it out. Open to other suggestions as well for tracking the sales pipeline in Monday!

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Hi Amanda,

sorry my english isn’t perfect.

I think , it’s what do you want :

SWITCH ({status},"Initial Email/Call,5%,
"Follow Up Email/Call’,10%,


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Thanks for your help. I tried this and it doesn’t seem to do anything. I just get an error. :frowning:

Thanks though!

Hi amanda_swys. Jean-Luc’s answer is the way to go. Probably you got a syntax error in the defined formula. Try the formula below.

SWITCH({Status},"Initial Email/Call","5%","Follow Up Email/Call","10%", "Meeting Booked","15%")


I got this one to work! Thank you for your help!