Conversion to Milestone Stage as a %

I create a pulse every time I have a lead and I move them through stages in my sales process using a status column (For a simple example - New Lead, Contacted, Seen, Quoted, Won, Lost). I’d like to have a dashboard stat showing the % of my total leads (Pulses) which have reached a specific status (Eg. Seen). Is there a way to display that ‘overall conversion to seen %’ on my dashboard? Or is there another way to achieve this anyone can recommend?

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+1 on this one, i need exactly the same feature… including every possible options.

My initial though was If I could check a checkbox field using automations I could just do that in the background when pulses pass through each status. Then I would be able to tally up the contacts on the dashboard with each option checked to get a pipeline.

Hey @Jack

Are you looking for this cross-board or just on one board? I think this could be achieved using a pie chart either as a chart view on the board or if it’s cross-board using the chart widget?

Let me know if you need more information or if you think this isn’t quite what you’re looking for?

Hi Julia, so our pipeline is split across 3 boards (Uncontacted, Contacted and Closed).

(I know this crosses over with another thread you’ve also replied on I’ve so apologies)

The chart widget would allow me to see how many pulses are in each status right now, but all closed leads would just have the status won or lost.

What i’d like to know is how many of those lost pulses reached ‘contacted’ ‘seen’ ‘quoted’. So I can see where people are falling out of my pipeline.

Can you send me some screenshots of your boards with any sensitive info redacted? I want to see if I can find a solution for you which will work!