Measuring conversion rate and lead source

Hi - in a dashboard, I am trying to create a report that graphs (or some visual) our conversion rate on closed won and lost deals, by Lead Source.

We measure conversion rate now with the battery view - which works great, but I don’t see a way to add lead source to a chart or other to show the conversion rate deals close won or lost by lead type/source.


Hi @brianwbates if a third party add-on is an option, I suggest to take a look at the Analytics & Reports by screenful, which allows measuring conversion rate by lead source.

You can create a Table chart where each row is a lead source. You can configure the columns to display deals total, closed won / lost, and the conversion % (use the calculated column to come up with a percentage). Here’s an example Table chart:

The rows can represent any column in your board and you can have any number of columns for displaying your data. You can also embed the char to the monday dashboards.

You can learn more about the Table chart from this blog post.

Hi @brianwbates :wave:

Thanks for this question!

It will depend on how you have your board set up and how you’re currently tracking your deal status and lead source.
Are you using a pre-made template, or have you created a custom board?
Understanding a little more about your board set up will allow us to provide more accurate support.

Would you perhaps be able to share a screenshot of your board? Please do ensure not to include any sensitive data in your screenshot!

Once I have a little more information I’ll be able to do a deeper dive into this and we can go from there!