Formula Help -How to track how long a lead has been active and stop tracking days when status changes w/ multiple status possibilities

I tried to find and answer this already published in the forum, but didn’t see one. Sorry if I missed it.

I am tracking how many days a lead has been active (from date created to today’s date), but I want it to stop calculating once the lead is complete due to one of three possible status options, either Converted to Client, Referred Out, or Lost.

I don’t know how to make the formula apply to three different possible status options instead of just one. When I try to had the function “or” multiple times it doesn’t work. I also don’t have a strong understanding of Formulas which is most of my problem.

Also, when the status changes to either Converted to Client, Referred Out, or Lost it then moves into one of those three groups. Would it be easier to have the formula stop due the the item moving to a group rather than a status?