Formula - IF/ISBLANK, Counting #of Days

Hi there,
This was surely asked a 1000x times, and I feel Iā€™m close but cannot identify the error.

I want to count the Days in Onboarding. If confirmed start date is blank, it should count the days from the Release Date to today to check how long someone is in status onboarding. If confirmed start date is not blank, the counting should stop and count the days from released date to confirmed start date and display the actual onboarding time.

=IF(ISBLANK({Confirmed start date}),DATEIF({Release Date},TODAY(),ā€œdā€),DATEIF({Release Date},{Confirmed start date} ,ā€œdā€))

Thanks. :slight_smile:

this is what you want:

Here is the formula I used: if({Release Date}=ā€œā€,ā€œā€, if({Confirmed start date}=ā€œā€,round(DAYS(TODAY(),{Release Date}),0),round(DAYS({Confirmed start date},{Release Date}),0)))

The first if statement is just to prevent errors in the event that the release date is blank. If that is certain to never happen you can use this instead: if({Confirmed start date}=ā€œā€,round(DAYS(TODAY(),{Release Date}),0),round(DAYS({Confirmed start date},{Release Date}),0))

I used the same column names you put in your formula so you should be able to just copy and paste mine from here.

Thanks, Chris.
The first formula worked, this was very helpful


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My pleasure! Formulas can be challenging but I love them! They are like puzzles.

Chris Buna
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@ChrisBuna - I know this thread is quite old but i stumbled upon it and tried using it without success. I have the exact same use case so I assumed replacing field names would work. Any ideas what is wrong?

IF({Date Sent}=ā€œā€,ā€œā€,IF({Date Signed}=ā€œā€,round(DAYS(TODAY(),{Date Sent}),0),round(DAYS({Date Signed},{Date Sent}),0)))

Equivalent fields between Tinaā€™s board and mine:

  • Release Date = Date Sent
  • Confirmed Start date = Date Signed

Hi @JoeH Based on what you are saying and the formula it looks right. What is it telling you? What is it displaying as? Do you have more than one column with the same name? Are the two date columns native columns to the board?

Hi Joe,

I copied and pasted your code as is and it works for me in the 3 scenarios (both dates filled in, one filled in one not, no dates).

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