Formula to calculate days, month and years sometimes gives errors

I want to calculate the years, month and days someone is signed up to our club. In this forum I found some very good help. Unfortunately the formula is not working for all dates and I can’t figure out why. Maybe someone has an idea.

This i my formula:
INT(MOD(YEARFRAC(FORMAT_DATE({Anmeldung}), FORMAT_DATE(TODAY())), 1) * 12), " M “,
INT(MOD(YEARFRAC(FORMAT_DATE({Anmeldung}), FORMAT_DATE(TODAY())) * 12, 1) / 12 * 365),” D”)

Here the results

Thanks for any hints.

Hi Bjoern,

I tested the formula and it works fine even with the dates you show with errors:


The only thing I am noticing in your syntax is that you have inconsistent double-quotes. You have straight and slanted mixed up. I am not sure if that’s a bad conversion caused by pasting your formula in the post or if that’s really what you have in your formula column, but you may want to double-check (I don’t believe your formula would work at all if it is the case, but hey who knows…).

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Hi Gilles,
thanks for the hint.
I checked the double-quotes and changed them. The failures are still showing up. It says “One parameter is invalid”.
Any other clues?

It looks like I found the problem.

After I added <, “YYYY-MM-DD”> to the YEARFRAC function, it works now.

Maybe it was a bug, because I use the German date format and the TODAY function uses another one?