Formula to help return a month either 12 months in the future or 6 months in the future dependent upon category chosen

I have a column called LOB. If the lob is “xyz” then the month of renewal is “6” months in the future. If the LOB is any other than “xyz” then the month of renewal is 12 onths into the future of the {effective date}.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Hey @MarkHo - Have you tried this automation?:

This should work for your use case depending on what type of column the LOB column is. There are other ways to do this using formulas if your LOB column is a text/number column for example.

@tanner_elevate - Any thoughts on this?

@MarkHo - Feel free to reach out if that automation doesn’t work with your LOB column and we can figure out formulas to make it work.