Formula with multiple mirrored values

Definitely, it can reduce the extra effort of reviewing multiple columns and boards. It would be a great addition.

We have the same problem and Formulas with multiple problem would address most of these issues.

Somehow I remembered it was working at one point before. Can anyone confirm?

I have facing the same problem, what I want to know is when a Team Member will give a solution for us?

Also very disappointed this doesn’t work correctly - preventing us from summarizing many items into one value to dashboard.

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Still says “coming soon”. Any updates? At least a rough date estimate? Dont know how many months “soon” implies.

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I submitted a ticket related to this to see if I would have to give up or find a work around, and they said there is “no eta” for this feature being completed, which means they’re not actively working on it.


Yes, I agree - this is a needed function. Just creating a simple formula for listing attendees and their companies is a huge hassle. Ideally having them linked to a master table would be the ideal, and then then just being able to do something like FOR EACH {attendee} in {column} CONCAT {attendee}, ", ", {company} can’t be done, let alone where one might want to do more complex calculations.

Looking for this, too :slight_smile:

Same here! Very needed!

This is the single most important issue that I’m having at the moment.

It’s like if Excel only allowed you to reference to one other cell. It makes simple processes very cumbersome and needlessly complicated.

Not sure how to vote but I’d like to inform that we also requrie this.
More specifically to grab how many of a specific item in a mirrored status and use in our formula

SUM(MULTIPLY(count(WHERE {mirror} IS “Tomatoes”), 4), MULTIPLY(count(WHERE {mirror} IS “Cucumber”), 2)


I found a workaround that may help for some cases of this issue.

My setup was like this:

Board 1 - Has items with various types (defined by a status column) and values (numbers column).
Board 2 - Summary board for Board 1 - Has one item for each type on Board 1, connects to each item of that type and mirrors their values as a sum.
Board 3 - Summary board for Board 2 - A further summary board to combine certain types from Board 2 for dashboarding.

Essentially, Board 3 is showing a mirror of a mirror of integers.

The issue: trying to use the results in the mirrored columns in Board 3 in formula columns results in an error.
The solution: create a formula column on Board 2 that only contains the value of the desired mirror column, and mirror that formula column on Board 3 instead.

For example, if your mirror column was named “Mirror Cost” your formula column would be called something like Formula Mirror Cost, and contain only {Mirror Cost}. Then on your high level summary board you’d mirror Formula Mirror Cost. Now you can use that mirror column in formulas as normal.

Hope this helps someone!

Just thought I would add my agreement on this topic. Not being able to use formulas for mirrored values is incredibly cumbersome, and makes it impossible to chart information as well.

This seems like a feature that should be high priority for the devs.

Can you please provide an example of this working? This does not currently appear to be working for me.

I’d also add my support for this feature. It would be super useful and has lots of common use cases.

It is not working. Monday said the feature was coming a few years ago but it has never worked.

Something fishy going on here:

In each set of columns, the Formula is just referencing the Mirror directly. And all 3 Mirror columns are referencing the same formula column. However in some cases it works, while in others it doesn’t. It seems possible that certain connection columns are outdated and do not support this functionality.

So the good news is that it does appear to work. But it would be good if we could get some clearer guidelines. It seems as though older columns are not working as effectively for this.

Can someone from Monday shed some light on this?

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Update: I got this to work consistently. You need to assign a mirrored value from every board where this is connected. So it appears this workaround of using formula columns is working. I recommend!

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Hi Francis, is there a way you can demonstrate to us how you did it? So we can do a temporary work around while we wait for this feature to be implemented.

Hi, I wanted to point to this solution here:

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