Free account for 3 people?

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We are a small team starting a new eCommerce business. We would love to have a go at using as our task manager. There are 2 of us running the business and one, sometimes two more that work with us. could the free account + guests be a viable option for starters?

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Hi, @OferHe - Candidly… most likely not. For eCommerce you’ll need formulas and automations, so you should consider testing out monday․com with a small 3 person Pro account. Invite external contractors as Guests. You can pay by the month so if you decide for whatever reason monday․com isn’t right for your business, or you pivot to something else, you will not have committed to a full year. The free plan lacks many of the features any eCommerce business would need to effectively use monday to manage its business.

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Well, for now 3 ppl on the free plan / 2 + guest would do actually for our needs. is there a way to make this happen?

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I’m afraid the free Individual plan doesn’t currently include the ability to add Guests.
This would require one of our paid plans to access this feature and invite users to join your account as guests.

Have you had a chance to try out our free trial? This is a 14 day free trial of our Pro plan. You can set this up by going to the homepage and selecting ‘Get Started’.

We find that the trial plan is the best way to get to know the platform and really evaluate if is suited for your business.
If you haven’t checked this out, I’d highly recommend giving this a try!

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