Freezing workspace to owner

Does anyone know if there is a way to freeze the number and order of Boards in a workspace so the users cannot accidentally (or on purpose! :wink:) move them around?


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Hey Sue!

For this, I would suggest utilizing board permissions and column permissions! This should help them from being toyed with! :blush:

Let me know your thoughts on if this would work for what you need and we can go from there!

Thanks Charlotte but that doesn’t address my need. Everyone with access to the Workspace has to be able to make entries in every row and most columns. That security is in place.
What I don’t want to have happen is for the order of the Boards in the workspace to be able to be changed, as the users are expecting to see their item in the next Board on the workspace - and the workflow matches the order in which the Boards appear in the workspace. (The users are not exceptionally computer literate - this system supports a construction company - therefore they are dragging and dropping the boards into new locations by mistake.)
Does Monday have that functionality?

Never mind - I found it. Now I feel really dumb! (grin)