Permission Restriction: Moving Boards between Folders Yes | No

I am beginning my experience as an Admin. I have it set up according to recommendations: Workspace is the Department; Folders are Units in the department; and Boards are the Teams.

What I have found is that any Member can move any Main board to any other Folder they want. This is NOT good! It’s too easy to click on a board and accidentally move it up or down a folder, putting into a completely different Unit.

There really needs to be an option to inhibit moving of boards between folders. Just like the permission to inhibit “move groups/items between boards”.

I completely agree that this should be a feature. People accidentally move boards or folders around, even I have accidentally done this. Even if there was a pop-up that asked if you were sure you wanted to move the board or folder before implementing the change would be a huge step in the right direction

Any thoughts on this Monday team?

Totally agree!
We are using folders for different operations and by mistake a board moved by someone
we even can’t see who in order to notify him to pay attention.
Lucky I had the Board Id so it was easy to find it in the wrong folder.

Appreciate if you can add this feature.