Members can move boards between Folders? Why?

I am beginning my experience as an Admin. I have it set up according to recommendations: Workspace is the Department; Folders are Units in the department; and Boards are the Teams.

What I have found is that any Member can move any Main board to any other Folder they want. This is NOT good! It’s too easy to click on a board and accidentally move it up or down a folder, putting into a completely different Unit.

Is there a way to stop this? There is a permission setting for not moving groups/items. But, I cannot find a permission to disallow moving boards.


Hey Gerald,

I understand that this certainly isn’t ideal. In order to combat this, I suggest changing the board type to a shareable or private board, if you have the option to. This way, board members will not be able to freely move boards between folders.

Let me know your thoughts :pray:

But then, only invited staff can see the board. And then they will be able to move it to a different board. There really needs to be an option to inhibit moving of boards between folders.

In my brain, if I were king of the world . . . . the Workspaces should live in a “Department”, and the Departments would be part of the “Account” or company.

Account = Company
Department = Departments of the company
Workspaces = Units in the Departments
Folders = Teams in the Units
Boards = Project/Tasks assigned to the Teams


I hear you on this Gerald - you bring up a great point! :crown:

Please submit this as a feature request so more eyes can see this request :+1:

We also need this feature. Colleagues inadvertently move the board links around between folders.

Please vote for it here:

I may have two, sorry: