Enhancement Request - Folder and Subfolder Board Movement Restriction

Hi Team,

While I find Monday.com to be an incredibly versatile and a powerful tool, I’ve identified an issue that, in my opinion, could significantly improve the user experience and prevent accidental disruptions in our workspace.

The issue revolves around the left menu, where we structure our folders and subfolders. Currently, users have the ability to drag and move boards, docs, and dashboards freely even if the item is within folders and subfolders. While this flexibility can be advantageous, it has resulted in several instances where boards were moved by accident, causing confusion and difficulty in locating them.

To address this issue, I would like to propose an enhancement to Monday.com that would allow users to restrict the movement of boards into different directories. Here’s how this feature could work:

  1. Board Movement Lock: Users should have the option to lock certain boards, Docs or Dashboards in place within a folder or subfolder. When a board is locked, it cannot be moved to another directory without explicit permission or administrative access.

  2. Permission Control: Admins or designated users could be given permission control to move locked boards (similar to restricting columns). This would ensure only authorized individuals can make changes to the board’s location.

  3. Visual Indicator: A visual indicator, could be added to locked items within the structure, making it easy for users to identify which boards are restricted from movement.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: The feature should be intuitive and easy to use, requiring minimal effort to lock or unlock boards.

Benefits of this enhancement request:

  • Prevention of Accidental Movements: This feature would significantly reduce the chances of boards being moved unintentionally, thus improving the overall organization and structure of the workspace.

  • Enhanced Control: Admins and team leads can maintain better control over the arrangement of boards, ensuring that critical boards remain in their designated folders and subfolders.

  • Time and Resource Savings: Users would spend less time searching for misplaced boards and more time focusing on their tasks and projects.

I believe implementing this enhancement (Tee Shirt Size = S) would be a valuable addition to Monday.com, enhancing its usability and helping users maintain a well-organized workspace. I kindly request Product considers this suggestion and evaluates its feasibility for inclusion in future updates.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this proposal and hope to see this feature incorporated into Monday.com to benefit users like me.

For all the reasons you stated above @PayWay369 this should absolutely be added to the functionality of monday. We are constantly having to reorganize board location because users either don’t realize that when they move a board it changes for everyone, or they are doing it on accident. Only Admin users should be able to reorder boards in the main nav.

I agree completely! We have this issue almost daily with over 350 users in our workspace at any given time. The constant shuffling around of folders makes boards and items difficult to find. We’ve reminded teams not to move them and to use the search or favorite options however, it still happens all the time. Adding in some type of permissions or lock would save us a lot of time and confusion.

I too have this issue with boards accidentally being moved around in folders and being reported missing. While it doesn’t seem like it should happen, we have a number of people who use touchscreen laptops and will accidentally drag and drop things without even realizing it.

This has been INCREDIBLY frustrating for us as well. This would be an amazing feature to have