Gantt Chart Features not working

I am trying to set up as simple of a Gantt chart as possible. I have set up a timeline and a dependency on that timeline.

  1. Flexible dependency works. when I extend a timeline, the dependencies move. When I pull them back, the dependent tasks don’t move. Cool. However, strict mode does not work. When I update timelines with the strict on, nothing changes. Is something wrong here?

  2. Sub tasks: I tried defining subtasks with their own timelines. I expected the main task’s timeline to also update. It did not. Is this the intended behavior?

  3. To try and get that to work, I saw that someone used a mirror column. That would work, but then the timeline and mirror columns are in different columns, and the Gannt won’t pick between them. I suppose I could solve this by creating a sub task for EVERY task. But this seems cumbersome and difficult to maintain/enforce.

There is a known issue with strict mode dependencies not working as expected.

When you create subtasks with their own timelines, the main task’s timeline will not update automatically. This is because subtasks are not considered dependencies in

There are a few ways to get around this. One way is to use a mirror column. This is a column that is linked to another column, and it will automatically update when the other column is updated. In this case, you could create a mirror column for the timeline column, and then set the dependency on the main task to the mirror column.

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