Timeline, Dependencies and Duration column links just dont work

I have a simple three column connection for my timeline, duration and dependencies column.
I was under the impression that an entry into the duration column would cause a change to the timeline column, with the dependencies always working to ensure no overlaps (I have a strict relationship set).

What am I doing wrong? Its just not working.

Hi James,

Flexible is the mode that ensures no overlaps. Strict allows overlaps but maintains the same relationship and distance between dependencies.

In other words, Flexible ensures no overlaps but only ensures no overlaps.

Thanks Francis. I have tried alternating between the two previously still with no joy. It feels like perhaps I am looking for a hybrid of the two, because if the prior task is pulled earlier, I would like the following task to be pulled forward too. I thought that was what the strict relationship did, however it seems to not allow the board to set itself up when first created if strict is selected. Perhaps the PMs need to build the original timelines in flexible then switch to strict…

If switching works for you, then don’t disregard it as an option!

In general, working with timelines and dependencies is one of the more complex areas of task management in monday.com. You have so many interacting elements and varied possibilities.

As a general piece of advice, I’d recommend focusing on creating simple rules and automations in order to create easily understandable and consistent behavior. The more that you try to manage and fiddle with the fine details, the more conflicts and confusion you’re likely to create.

Good luck!