Gantt chart item/subitem column width

Is it right that you can’t change the width of the Gantt item/subitem column? It only appears to show 30chrs? And there is no word wrap? I know I can export to Excel, but not for widgets? which makes the use of Gantts in dashboards almost pointless… Is there an active feature suggestion I can vote on? (can’t believe no-one else is struggling with this…)

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Hey Graeme - at this time it isn’t currently possible to adjust the item/subitem column in the Gantt chart. That said, we hear where you’re coming from and encourage you to add your vote to the existing feature request here: Resize Gantt widget for PDF export. If this request doesn’t align with your need, please feel free to submit your own request to put greater emphasis on this features development :pray:

Thanks Bianca, I have voted accordingly!

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After reading I don’t think this feature request captures the exact need, which is to resize the column width or at least wrap the Item names. This is a surprising shortcoming. The workaround for now is to label the items by Name, but this then replicates the Name in two places on the Gantt chart, one of them truncated, wasting space and preventing use of the label for Status or another field.

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Column length adjustment (or text wrap) for the Gantt chart names is exactly what is needed. What is currently available is a major shortcoming. Is there any acknowledgement of this issue?

Hi Adam and Daniel,

I hear where you’re coming from and doing my best to advocate for these requests that clearly will bring much value to our users :pray:

If you feel that the request linked above doesn’t align with your desired needs, please submit a new feature request so that our community can add their vote to get this prioritised on our roadmap!