Resize Gantt widget for PDF export

Does anyone know how to resize a gantt widget? I have created an estimate for a proposal, using the gantt chart to calculate my timeline and hours estimate :heart:. The export to pdf is awesome, as I’d like to export this gantt view into my proposal…the problem is the list of items is longer than the widget will allow me to stretch to, so the pdf is cut off! Any help would be appreciated of PLEASE make this one of the future features as exports of this into other documents is critical for me.

I would also like (and need) the ability to stretch a Gantt chart to fit my needs - even display needs let alone a PDF export.

I would like to add being able to increase the sizes of all widgets. I have a few tables, pivot tables, Gantt Charts, and others that I need to be able to export to PDF but am unable to get the full widget.


I too, would like to have the ability to export the entire overview widget container into the pdf export.

I would like the overview widget to show the full size in the PDF export as well