Exporting Gantt chart in weeks, rather than months

Is it possible to export the Gantt chart as a PDF so that it is broken into weeks (or days), rather than months?


Hey @WWCM,

You should have the option to toggle the timeline duration prior to exporting.

Let me know if this is the case on your end :pray:

Hi Bianca,

Thank you for your reply - much appreciated.

I’ve tried your suggestion, however, there seems to be a glitch.

When you hit export to PDF it changes it back to months, even though I had previously selected weeks.

I’ve tried this many times, but it reverts to months each time.

Any suggestions?


Hm, this sounds strange…

This is how it should appear (when exporting from the both the board view and widget):

  • Is this occurring across your entire account or specific to just one board/dashboard?
  • Can you try duplicating the board view or widget? Does this change anything?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Bianca,

Thank you for your email.

We only have one Gantt chart in Monday, as it’s the only board with a timeline.

I tried duplicating the board and making the PDF from the duplicate but it has the same issue.

It doesn’t allow me to export as a PDF using anything other than months?

I click 'day’s or ‘quarters’ etc, then hit the button to save as a PDF. At this point it changes back to months?

I can view the board on Monday in ‘days’, but as soon as I export it to a PDF it only allows for months (even though I see the options here).

Looking forward to hearing back.


Thank you for sharing this information. It sounds like it could be a bug I am afraid given that the export continually defaults to months. Would you be happy to reach out to our support team via support@monday.com with this information and screenshot? You’re welcome to let me know via private message once you’ve emailed (and also provide your email address) so that I can keep an eye on this request for you :pray:

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Hi Bianca,

Thanks for your email.

I will email support now.


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Good morning. I am having the exact same issue. Any guidance/information you can give for a resolution to the issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! - Jason.

I spoke to Monday Staff yesterday and was advised that this is not a feature as of yet. It only exports the full timeline view in quarters.

I am experiencing the same bug. I have a multi-year project and it is only allowing me to export as quarters, even if I previously selected months or weeks. Wish it would just generate a giant PDF using the scale we select!