Gantt Chart - Sort "Group by" by date

If any one is having the same problem, or could benefit from a feature like this, don’t forget to UPVOTE!

My organisation would like to be able to sort groups in Gantt Chart view by date


Presently, when the Gantt Chart view is set to Group by Group, Items under each Group are sorted by date, which is great! But Groups themselves do not appear in order of date against each other. Instead, Groups appear in the same order they are in on the main table, despite the dates of the Items with in them. (Pic 1)

This also applies when Group by is set to other column types, such as Status. The order of the Status Groups is determined by the order of the Labels on the main table. (Pic 2)


Practically speaking, this means to see what Items or tasks are coming up next, we have to scroll up and down, or collapse the groups and reopen them to see the Item detail. (Pics 1, 3, 4)

Alternate solutions explored

We have tried using Subitems - Converting Group level to Item level, and Item level to Sub-item. However, we ran into other issues with subitems.

If we remove the Group by setting, all of the Items appear together, without the context that the Group title provided. Our boards have many groups and tasks, making colour settings and legends complex. (Pic 6)

Desired Feature

It would be enormously beneficial to me and my organisation (and I’m sure others) if it became possible to sort Groups by the Group Summary (Presently, the Group Summary, under Settings → View Settings, includes the duration of all items within each Group. (Pic 5))


  1. Gantt Chart view with all Groups collapsed. You can clearly see they are not sorted in date order.

Group sort example - groups collapsed

  1. Gantt Chart view with Group by set to Status. You can see that the Order of the Groups matches the order of the Labels in table view.

  2. Gantt Chart view with all Groups expanded. You can see the Items under each Group are in date order within each group. But the groups are not in order date order themselves.

Group sort example - groups expanded

  1. A screen recording of the Groups expanded, showing the need to scroll to get a full picture of Items coming up next.

  1. Group Summary setting under Settings → View Settings

  1. Gantt Chart without Groups. (Group by set to None)

Couldn’t agree more. This is a huge blocker for us at the moment.

The annoying thing is that sort was available in the previous gantt view but not in the new gantt widget. It’s even in the help guides:

It’s so frustrating when the solution’s been built and was active. Feels like a step back in direction.

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