Sorting of Items in Gantt View

Hello, I am setting up a gantt view for a dashboard. I want to preserve the sort order of items as they are ordered on the board. It appears that the gantt view is re-ordering items based upon the date field that is chosen for the gantt view. How can I preserve the sort order of items as shown on the board? (I feel like I must be blind and missing the configuration option somewhere!)

Thanks, Scott

Hi, I am facing the same issue. Has it been resolved?

We have just run-into the same, baffling limitation. In our case this mixes separate releases for our programmes, the only workaround I can think of is using a separate column and then changing the Group By setting (we currently use Group, but this is used to separate each programme).

A sort feature should be added to the Gantt view which would allow you to select start date (or whichever criteria is relevant), with the default being the sequence of items on the Main Table.

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