Problem with sorting in Gantt view

Hello guys,

I have a problem regarding the connection between the timeline and Gantt view.
In our company, we have a need to have a good Gantt view of active and upcoming campaigns. Many of these campaigns overlap in dates (some start preparation, while other are active and vice-versa). When we create a chief board for this overview, our Gantt view looks in one of these two ways, depending on if we group them by their activity, or group them by their client:

Any way that we do it, the problem becomes the fact that it is automatically sorted by date, which makes the gantt boxes overlap.
Is there any solution/app that makes it possible to sort by something other than the date?

Thank you all in advance,
Stjepan from ARCH.

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Hey @PaladaARCH :wave:

Can you elaborate on how you were hoping to see these events displayed on your gantt chart compared to how it’s set up now? I want to make sure that there aren’t any small tweaks we can make to help!

Otherwise, you can actually send the feedback on how to organize the Gantt Chart directly to our Product Team using this feedback form!: Gantt Feedback

You can also always add a feature request or vote on an existing one through the Feature Feedback section of the community, so feel free to search for this topic there as well to vote on: Feature Feedback

Our product team takes user feedback very seriously! In fact, many of our features began as user requests.

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


Hi Jenna,

Our problem is that the events are always sorted by date. That means that the events will intertwine even though they are in different planning processes, different clients, etc.

I am essentially asking if there is a way to keep two events connected (so that they are on top of eachother, not just by dependency) so that they are visually easier to connect.

Hope that clears it up, if not, I can draw our request on a piece of paper :slight_smile: ,

Hey @PaladaARCH

I’ve been playing around to try and recreate the effect you have where items are in line with each other and I’m not currently able to do so.

Would you mind sending the Support Team screenshots of your board (including the date/timeline columns being used in the Gantt chart) and the settings you have your Gantt Chart adjusted to? You can either do so by emailing or dm-ing me?

I want to make sure that we can recreate the issue on our end so that we can both better understand the issue and also send along the most accurate feedback to the Product Team!

If you are not comfortable having additional screen shots of your workflow on a public forum, you can also simply reply in this thread with the above details but your privacy and protection of your data should always come first, so don’t post anything in this thread that you aren’t comfortable having shared publicly :slight_smile:


Hello, thank you for raising this issue.

I also need to keep the items in the Gantt chart sorted as in the original board and not by date to be able to work with multi level WBS.

You can vote for this feature feedback: Sorting of Items in Gantt View