Get admin information in app

Hello all,

Is there any way to get the information (name, email address) of account administrators from within an app? I’d like to know if using the SDK I can know who the admins are, and it seems I can’t get that from the API (the schema doesn’t describe anything related for neither user nor account unless I’m missing something).

Is it possible?

Hey @pollirrata,

Right now this wouldn’t be something that is possible through the SDK. The SDK currently provides view/widget specific data (like context, events, settings, etc.).

However all the other data (such as user data) would need to be pulled through our API. If you’re looking for user data specifically, please refer to this portion of our documentation.

This being said - I can absolutely see how this would be something useful to have on an SDK level. I can’t provide an ETA for you, but I’ve passed along the feedback internally to our apps team.


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Hey @dsilva, thanks for your answer.

Can I know who the admin is by querying the API? So far I’ve seen I can get details about all or specific users through the API, but didn’t find any reference about the admin role.


Unfortunately not at this stage.

The only fields that you could query that are around user permissions are:
is_guest is_pending is_view_only enabled

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Hey @pollirrata - @mitchell.hudson is correct, this isn’t something possible at this stage. We’re hoping this is something we can support further down the line.


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