Member permissions: Best Practices?

I’m new to, so please humor me . . . .

I am curious if there is a “best practice” for setting Member permissions?

  • is it ok to unselect “generate API token”?
  • should any of the “Admin Privileges” be selected?

I am blocking the ability to create Workspaces. This seems it would lead to a cluster, and become impossible to manage.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hey Gerald!

Regarding the API token, as an Admin you have your own API token which allows you to obtain specific capabilities to enhance your experience. Once the code is generated, regardless of whether you use it or not, it will remain securely there until you regenerate it. That said, it is okay to generate the API token and have it sit there. In situations where you’ve shared the token i.e. to if you were to involve a partner in your workflow set up, or if there’s a platform bug, that’s when you’d need to regenerate the token.

As for Admin privileges, to be transparent, this is quite dependent on the level of accessibility you want to grant to users… if you know that your users will require app access, it would be helpful to have that selected. That said, in my opinion the other options should be reserved for admins of the account, simply to preserve the privacy and security of the account.

Let me know if this all makees sense!