Get item which triggered change - Integration

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
How can I get the item and it’s column values that triggered a change.
Use case:
I am currently using the “When an item is created, …” custom integration. How can I get the name of the item which was just created in the custom integration? Or, if I’m using the “When a column changes, …” custom integration, how can I get the column and it’s changed value?
Thank you.

hi @kolaai

I guess you are using a webhook send the trigger? In case of change_column events you get the columnId, value and previous value. Not too sure about the create_item, on top of my head you don’t get the name so you will need to query the itemId (which is part of the event) to get the item’s name.

Does that make sense?

Okay, it makes sense. Will try that. Thank you :slight_smile: