Get Items by Column Value Query with Sort Function

Hello Monday Community,

I am hoping one of you has a potential suggestion to a perplexing issue my team is encountering.

We need a workaround to be able to get the items by column value query to be sorted by the newest item first. Currently, there seems to be no argument to do it directly?

If anyone has a solution, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.


hi @DavidZ

I had the same request and ended up reading all items in the board and then sort the returned array using generic sort services. I don’t thin the API provide a means to get the outcome sorted by


Hi @DavidZ, welcome to the community!

Ahh yes, @basdebruin is indeed correct-- at this time, our API doesn’t have any built-in sorting mechanism.

Hopefully in the future with enough user feedback we will!


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Thank you everyone for feedback and comments. @basdebruin @Helen