Getting value from previous subitem column

Hello! I’m looking for a way to return a value from a previous subitem. In this example, I’m looking to automatically have the Beginning Balance column be filled out with the previous month’s Ending Balance value every time I create a new Subitem/Month. Just looking for any formula ideas or possibly integrations with General Caster or Autoboost. Appreciate any help!

hi @dylannguyen

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Monday does not have a concept of “order”, there is no such thing as “next”, “first” or “previous”. This gives great flexibility where users can move around items but also prevents to use data from one item into another.

You can define your own ordering by making dependencies, but still you have to do some development yourself to get data from the dependent_on item.

I see. Thank you @basdebruin. Would you happen to know how I can get started developing something like that?

hi @dylannguyen

I would suggest using Make or build your own app. The app building documentation is at What is a monday app?