Glances - Monday&Quickbooks

Hello community!
A client uses Quickbooks and I want to add Glances on Monday to connect the systems. Has anyone experienced it in the past and has any recommendations or dis-recommendations?
Thank you!

@ItamarS Hello! Have you tried the Integration for QuickBooks for your client?

It’s a marketplace app that connects your QuickBooks and accounts! Your client can enjoy a two-way sync between accounts and so much more.

Take a look at our app listing and try the free trial to learn more!

Hello @ItamarS


  • Glance can be used to connect QuickBooks to Monday but with limited functionality like Create Estimates, and Invoice and they are adding additional actions. Basically, Glances works within the line item similar to the Updates, Email & Activities section.

Platform Pioneer : Apps Marketplace

Custom Integration through MAKE (Integromat) -

  • Custom workflow can be built based on the client’s requirements.
  • MAKE provides complete control over most of the QuickBooks Online fields.
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