Google Calendar Integration Issues

Google Calendar Integration needs improvement primarily

  1. Multiple Calendar events are created outside of the date boards. I.e. there will be one event for the time the event was created (which isn’t necessary and requires more calendar maintenance than its worth) in addition to the actual date columns.

  2. Updates aren’t always kept in sync

  3. A new event is created every single time a task is changed.

I’d like to add:

  1. Need for more fields including Link column as links are necessary in the event details for agendas, Google Docs, online conference links, etc.

  2. Separation of date and time columns so that people can “book” meetings through a form. The only column field allowed in the Calendar event is date/time and the forms do not support that combination, so manual work is required to add the time to the date and ignores the time column.

  3. Ability to automate the length of a meeting to 30, 45, or 60 minutes (or longer) by adding a length or formula in the form that allows those booking the meeting to set the length of the meeting and the date/time column updates with that ending time. Right now, #2 and #3 must be done manually for every meeting.

  4. MUST HAVE: Ability to select the calendar in Google. It should be in the integration. Right now, the meetings go to my business calendar, not the company calendar. I don’t want to set up a separate Google account for a non-human with a calendar and add them as a paid seat member just to make this process happen. Many business people have separate calendars for projects, teams, conferences, etc., and the ability to post to those calendars is essential.

Thank you.

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