Board calendar integration

Hi ! previously provided us with the capability to generate a new calendar from the date column of a board. This in turn allowed our team to view shareable google calendars that were dedicated to various projects. Apparently, this feature is dissolving and transitioning more into a google calendar integration. The only problem with using this new google calendar integration is that the events now populate into our individual calendars (since we don’t have an alternative spare email to use) rather than a generic new calendar. Two suggestions:

  1. Allow the google calendar integration to not require a sign in to anyones’ specific calendar. Rather, provide the option to create a new shareable calendar.
  2. Allow the setup of the integration to include data from a ‘link’ column in the description or the title of the event

I can’t emphasize how helpful this would be to managing multiple projects with time sensitive deadlines without the deadlines having to appear in only individuals calendar.


Hi @monday-team is this a feature that might be able to come back

hi @Matias.Monday any chance you can offer advice as to how to get this feature request noticed? thanks!

Hello there @mondayfunday!

This is something a little out of my scope but I will share the post with the right person :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you @Matias.Monday !

Hey @Matias.Monday. Any updates on who the right person might be?

Many thanks,