Specify which calendar for Google Calendar integration

Please allow us to specify which of our Google Calendars that a board syncs with. We may want to create a specific calendar for Monday.com integration that is separate from our default calendar.

Any news? Need the same

Also looking for a fix to this. We are using our board as a scheduler for a team of people. The calendar should not just be connected to one person’s default google calendar.


Also really want this - using Monday for people to book holidays then want it to show in my Google Team Calendar which everyone has access to, not my Google calendar.

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Would love for this to become a feature! We have a calendar for specific types of events that I’d like to have connected to a board in Monday, but right now, the board is just making items every time anything happens on a calendar that’s in my Google account.

Hi all, I am with zzBots. With our 2-Way sync for Monday.com and Google Calendar, your items and events will stay in sync and up to date in realtime. You can also specify different calendars other than the default like you explained.

Here is a link: https://www.zzbots.com/store/mondaycom-google-calendar-2-way-sync

Hello @russadk @docmoritz @Tgreene @ed.perkins @Jackie04 ,

We have recently released the app Google Calendar Sync which let’s you choose any calendar from your Google account, and allows you to build 1-way or 2-way integration (realtime sync) with them. There are customizable integration rules allowing you to setup event creation only on status change. As per your use cases mentioned above, this app will fit perfectly in your workflows.

If you want to see the app in action first checkout this demo here