Google Calendar integration - choose destination calendar

Using the Google Calendar integration with: “When an item is created or updated, create an event in Google Calendar, and sync future changes form this board”.

For now the destination calendar on which the Monday’s task sync to is the “default” Google Calendar. This is not very collaborative as I the default calendar is usually my Personal calendar, therefore it can not be shared. Plus, if I have multiple Google Cal integration on multiple board my default calendar would be just a mess. Would be really useful if the user:

  • Is able to choose the “My Calendar” on which the Monday’s task are feed to. This can be a Shared Calendar with other people.
  • Can create a new calendar on Google Calendar. The new calendar will have the “Board Name”. This calendar can then be shared to other people using Google Calendar.

Does anyone have any kind of workaround for this?


I would also love this functionality to be made available. If there was a work around, that would be immensely helpful!


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Would very much appreciate this update! With only the option to sync to our personal calendar, it defeats the purpose of using this function for a team. Please add the option to select a particular calendar within one’s Google account to sync to. Just like @andreamike said above!!!


I was told you can use a different email address to integrate with Monday, then share that email address’s calendar with your primary email.

Seems very odd that this functionality wouldn’t be available. Millions (if not billions) of people use separate calendars for personal vs work. Why we can’t designate which specific gmail calendar we want to integrate with Monday (w/o another email address) seems like a very basic function for any project management app. This feature should have been built in from the onset in my opinion. I hope they get this worked out stat.


It really is wild that this isn’t possible. It should allow specifying the google calendar ID to sync.


Aside from creating a-whole-nother email account JUST to be able to sync to a Google calendar, has anyone else figured out a work around for this? Seems to be the same issue/lack of feature for integrating with Outlook Calendars. (I’m also not interested in paying additional money for a 3rd party recipe via Zapier or Make when this seems like a pretty obvious feature.)

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Here’s what I have done for years that helps this [deep breath]…

I have 5 separate calendars I need to manage, including my personal. I create a consolidated calendar in Google, then I share only free/busy information from all of my other calendars to that calendar. As I am looking for an available time slot, I use the combined calendar, which aggregates all other calendar appointments in one place.


Theoretically, you could make whichever calendar is already connected to your Monday account the ‘merged’ calendar. So even if your teammates would then ‘have access’ to your calendar via the integration, the only personal details they could extract would be for the calendar appointment they need to see (and not the other calendar(s) you connected, since only free/busy info is public.

It takes a little bit of tweaking in your Google Calendar to get it right, but this might help solve some of those issues- if nobody has found an alternative yet!

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Any news on this feature? Spent the whole morning trying to figure out why the events from my other calendars wouldnt create an item as per the integration and was baffled to see it wouldnt take into account my other calendars! I do PM work primarily with our shared calendars

This feature would help a lot of us!

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Hi All, this is now causing an absolute nightmare with our annual leave bookings and visibility!

I had a workaround that was working for us for some time but has now stopped working;
setting the integration up via the column you want to use for the date creates a New Calendar in the given Google account instead of simply using the default (follow the steps for “One-Way Sync” in this article)

Is there any plan to have this feature re-released/fixed at some point??

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Seems like this have not been solved yet. I literally tried all possible options. Also singing in from different email, etc. This is really necessary for business and tracking.

Need this integration too. Please add.

This would be so useful for us. We are still hesitating about whether we’re going to move all our operations on Monday, but this could be a game changer.

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Did you get an answer about this?
All my work is based on this way of doing things and it’s no longer possible to do it.

My work is totally screwed up, the season starts again soon and I’m desperately looking for a solution to replace it.

Also desperate for this feature 2 years later!

This is so necessary. Kind of wild that we can’t integrate into a shared calendar - what’s the point of this then? The only workaround which isn’t great that I’ve found because it still creates a new calendar is that you can sync via a date or timeline column.

Hi all, I am with zzBots and we have a solution. When setting up the Bot you can choose different Google Calendars so your only choice isn’t just the “default” calendar.

With our bots you can keep your and Google Calendar in sync and up to date in realtime. We provide both a 1-Way and 2-Way sync.

2-Way sync:

1-Way sync:

Hey, here’s a workaround I created. It’s a bit clunky but it works with no additional tools/payments. Disclaimer - I think this would work best for small teams.

Use Case
I needed a team task list, with each user’s tasks to be synced with their google calendar. Because there is no option to choose different calendars in the same board, I created a double layer solution:

  1. Layer 1 - One board for TEAM to do’s where you can assign tasks per user
  2. Layer 2 - boards per user (“Yael’s To Do’s”, “Liz’s To Do’s” etc). Each of these boards is synced to the user’s calendar as you can integrate calendar per board.

The automations work like this:

  1. in the TEAM BOARD I added a button and called it TRANSFER with the following automation:

when TRANSFER button is clicked, and only if the person assigned is User X → create item in User X’s board and connect the items

  1. In the user’s boards, I added the integration into the calendar of that user as follows

Any task with a due date/time will be added to their calendar and updated according to changes. Any task with no due date will not appear in their calendar.

To top it off, I also added a TRANSFER button into the individual user boards, in case they create a task there and want it to show up in the TEAM board.

hope that makes sense.
again - a little clunky, but no external tools or additional payment required.