Google Calendar integration - choose destination calendar

Using the Google Calendar integration with: “When an item is created or updated, create an event in Google Calendar, and sync future changes form this board”.

For now the destination calendar on which the Monday’s task sync to is the “default” Google Calendar. This is not very collaborative as I the default calendar is usually my Personal calendar, therefore it can not be shared. Plus, if I have multiple Google Cal integration on multiple board my default calendar would be just a mess. Would be really useful if the user:

  • Is able to choose the “My Calendar” on which the Monday’s task are feed to. This can be a Shared Calendar with other people.
  • Can create a new calendar on Google Calendar. The new calendar will have the “Board Name”. This calendar can then be shared to other people using Google Calendar.

Does anyone have any kind of workaround for this?

I would also love this functionality to be made available. If there was a work around, that would be immensely helpful!

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Would very much appreciate this update! With only the option to sync to our personal calendar, it defeats the purpose of using this function for a team. Please add the option to select a particular calendar within one’s Google account to sync to. Just like @andreamike said above!!!