Creating events in Google Calendar without creating a new calendar in Google


We are currently doing a transition to using in my compganie. We were already using google calendar as a way of tracking deadlines. Now I am trying to integrate Google Calendar and Monday together in the following way.

I want to have events created and updated to my team members’ respective google calendars when they are assigned to items in Monday accross all boards.

The sync calendar option of monday is interesting but the issue is that it creates a calendar per board. I really want my users to have their tasks in their respective calendars.

I’ve also tried with Intergromat by using the Monday and G Cal API’s. There does not seem to be an ID able to look for assigned tasks to team members across all boards on the Monday side.

Anyone has any ideas?
Thank you

Hi @Hugues,

I had kind of the same requirment for Office365 calender. At the end I solved it with Integromat but not by looking for tasks, but using a webhook. In monday I use the integration “when column value changes, send webhook” adn within the Integromat webhok, the first thing I do is to retrieve the monday item. From there I create / update / delete Office265 events. Not sure if you can do the same with Google cal, but I assume this works kind of the same. The picture below show my Integromat scenarion which is also including Zoom meetings (just as an example).

Send a PM if you want to discuss further.


I apologize if I’ve missed the area to send a private message regarding this Integromat integration as I’m new to this community, but I’d be immensely interested in understanding exactly what it is that you have running here as it looks to fulfill an exact need that we are having. Is there any way that you could share what is happening in each of these nodes along with what your filters are including/excluding?

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