Syncing Google Calendar to Monday

I would love to see if the Google Calendar to Monday integration can work in reverse.
We use Monday for resourcing as well and it would be great to be able to account for meetings in that resource planning. Has anyone been able to do this?

Heya @mmulloy, Michaela from Integromat here :blush:

Sooo, the native integration grabs your monday items and sends them over to your Google Calendar. Super helpful indeed. It, however, makes perfect sense that you’d like to also get your Google Calendar events pushed to your monday board. Since this is currently not available natively, I would suggest automating the process with Integromat. It’s a no-code platform that lets you connect your monday account to pretty much any other online service and automate all kinds of tasks.

To achieve what you’re looking to do, you would

  1. Select the ‘Watch Events’ Google Calendar module and
  • create a connection between your Google Calendar event and Integromat
  • select the calendar you want to monitor
  • choose whether you want to watch the events by created date/updated date/starting date/ending date
  • set the maximum number of events to be returned during one run of the automation

  1. Add the ‘Create an Item’ monday module and
  • connect your monday account to Integromat
  • enter the name of the item (I, for example, mapped the ‘Summary’ field of the previous Google Calendar module as the name)
  • select the board on which you want the item to be created
  • select the group you want the item to be created in

  1. Click ‘Run Once’ to see if the scenario works the way it’s supposed to
  2. Turn it on by sliding the scheduling button to ‘On’ position


Well and that’s pretty much the whole thing :nerd_face:

To see what the options are when automating monday-related processes with Integromat, you can check out the currently available features of the monday integration.