How to Sync Google calendar continuously

Hey Monday community,

I run a function space. When people enquire and the date they want to book is taken which is often the case, I send them a link to our calendar so they can view the available dates.

The calendar link I send them can’t be one to our Monday calendar as they would need to be added in as a guest or approved to view or create an account, there is just too many steps.

So what I have done is synced it with a google calendar, then made that public and shared the link to “view in web browser” that way it just opens straight to the calendar, they don’t need a monday or google account.

This works, until we make an update on our calendar, then the new update doesn’t sync to the google calendar. It’s like when you do the sync it is a one time update. So I need to unsync, then resync the calendar which makes a new calendar I then need to add a new link to my template email as the link address changes.


As the setting still says it is synced I would assume it will keep updating any changes but it doesn’t. Is this operating as intended or is this a bug?

Here is an example of the Synced Calendar, As you can see there has been a couple of new entries that haven’t been added in.

Looking forward to hearing anyone else’s view on this. What I am trying to achieve is:

  • A link to a calendar where the link address doesn’t change so it can be used in a template
  • Live updates so if we change on monday the calendar at the other end of the link updates also
  • No login or sign up requirements for the customer to click on the link and see the calendar.

Open to any ideas on how to achieve that. I am sure it will be helpful to others also.




Have you used Integromat yet? I recently set up a simple 2 module scenario that adds new Google Calendar items to a Monday board. This could obviously expanded upon to watch for changes or cancelations. I’m sure this could also be accomplished via Zapier if you currently use that instead of Integromat.

If you haven’t yet checked out Integromat or Zapier, I highly suggest it as this is barely scratching the surface of their capabilities.

Hi Andrew,

Thankyou for your response I use Zapier for a lot of other things. I am not after a 2 way sync in this case so it isn’t necessary.

In this case I did get it to work with the native Sync capability.

So the items are created on 1 board(Enquiry board). Then when they reach a certain stage they are transferred to another board(Booked events board). The booked events board is synced with the calendar.

The existing ones on the board showed up with a new sync. As I transferred new ones across they didn’t show. This is because I had to trigger the date column again by choosing a different date then setting it back to the original correct date. It then showed up on the google calendar.

Hopefully that helps someone in future.



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