Calendar without Outlook or Google Cal Integration.


Currently my team is having trouble using calendars as our work emails are not hosted by Outlook nor Google. Meetings are often scheduled in relation to items (leads, clients, projects) and there is no way for us to keep up to date with this within Monday.

My suggestions are as follows:

  1. Create a board view calendar in which calendars which are not hosted by either Google or Outlook can be integrated and modified/updated by two way connection.

  2. Create a calendar board view in which multiple events can be scheduled without the need to create new date columns in the main table for each event. Meaning this calendar is in a way independent from the main table but can still be linked to a given item. Ideally this calendar is one that can be subscribed to from third-party calendar clients so that there is at least a one-way connection to an external calendar (client).

This would be such an incredible feature and I’m sure it would be useful for others as well!
Thank you!