Connect Internet Calendars

Integrating internet calendars would offer substantial advantages. Whether you need to display national holidays or manage employee time-off schedules, having the ability to showcase this information in both a dedicated column on a board and the calendar view would prove immensely valuable.

This feature isn’t limited to just team workload planning; it can also aid in ensuring that the marketing team stays well-informed about national holidays, allowing for more effective scheduling and coordination.

Hey Megan,

Can you clarify how this differs from our Google Cal and Outlook Cal integration? Would you be able to elaborate a little further on the specific internet calendars you’re referring to? This will help me better understand and check if this is something already being considered :slight_smile:

Hi Bianca,

I use my Outlook calendar for a wide range of things and have multiple calendars within this, so I can’t have it intergrated with as my team will be able to view things they shouldn’t. Additionally, being able to share these separate Outlook calendars to separate boards would be ideal.
An example is I’d like to share a social media holiday calendar from Outlook to for the social media board only. This consists of dates we may want to harness on socials, such as national pet day.
Another one is events and awards, this should be shared with the events board.
Both of these examples are extensive calendars, which should not be accessible by other members/boards.

Other internet calendars I currently use, which I’d like to add to, are as follows:

  • GOV UK national holiday calendar
  • Timetastic: staff holiday booking system

If internet calendars could be added, this would resolve my multiple Outlook calendar issue as I could make each one an internet calendar.