Outlook Resource Calendar

Hello all,

I am looking to create an integration with an Outlook Calendar however, I’ve run into a bit of an issue.
The calendar I am looking to integrate with is a resource calendar i.e. the shared company calendar which includes all our holidays etc.,

At present I’m not able to run this integration as I cannot get the fields to match up. Below are the fields we have within our holiday board on Monday.com

When we set up a new event in outlook it just creates a new line item and connect them but unfortunately the mapping doesn’t give you what you need.

The main issue with what I am finding is that alongside mapping, I have to connect to a specific account, I cannot connect a specific calendar. Therefore, anything created within my outlook means it is created in Monday.com.

Is there a way to connect a specific Outlook Resource calendar as opposed to your actual account version?

Thank you.


Hi, did you ever hear back about this. I am trying to connect a board to a shared calendar in outlook that we is shared with our company.

Hi Jennifer not as yet. I am still speaking to Monday to find a resolution on this!