Outlook Calendar Integration -- Sender

After hooking up the Outlook Calendar Integration so that new items are created on the monday.com board when an event is added to the Outlook calendar, I noticed we don’t have access to the sender of the calendar invite.

Am I missing something?

If I’m not, it would be valuable to track the sender (i.e. map the sender to an email field in the board) so that we can build other automations and integrations against that field.

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When using the integration, the created items on the monday.com board will include information about the event itself, such as the title, start time, end time, and other relevant details. However, the specific sender information is not included by default.

If you require the sender information to be mapped to an email field in the board for further automations and integrations, you may need to explore alternative methods or custom development options.

My team and I offer custom monday.com development services and would be more than happy to discuss creating a solution to your issue.

We specialize in custom monday.com development and can help you with the limitations of the Outlook Calendar Integration. Our team can create a tailored solution to capture and map the sender information from Outlook Calendar to your monday.com board. This opens up possibilities for powerful automations and integrations. Feel free to reach out to discuss your needs and explore how we can assist you further.

You can reach me at connor@rallyessentials.com

Thanks for the response, Connor. This currently isn’t enough of a pain point to look into custom solutions. If that changes, I’ll keep this in mind.