Trouble sync calendar

Hi! I am having trouble trying to syncronize boards on to Outlook calendars.

  1. No information about the item is shown in Outlook besides the item’s name, date and time. It would be crucial to have also info from other columns shared with Outlook (e.g., people assigned). Can we have the choice to select data from which columns we would like to include in our calendar?
    If not: can the activity in the Outlook calendar have a link to the item on

  2. It would be helpful if we can filter by person instead of only having the option of filtering items assigned to you or all items.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Interested in the first part of this as well. Can we not include information from the description column for in the description of the event in outlook?

Hey @ana-i and @aholk!

Thanks so much for following up here and I can definitely hear where you both are coming from!

First, you’re both correct in that with the Calendar Sync, it will only pull in the name of the item to your Outlook Calendar. There isn’t a way to pull other information, such as Column information, into your Outlook Calendar at this moment, but I would love to pass this valuable feedback along to our product team for their review and consideration. I hear you and definitely see the value in having this added - I’d love to advocate for this feedback as well!