Send Outlook Calendar invite to users included in people column


I’ve spoken to support about this and told it’s not currently possible so I wanted to post it here as a request.

We have an Events board. It lists a number of Events, the start date and end date and there’s a people column where staff who would be interested are added.

We’d like to have an integration/automation where an Outlook Calendar invite for the dates the event take place is sent to anyone who has been included in an “Interested in attending” (people column). This would be really useful so that people could quickly block out dates in their calendar.

I can get Monday to send an Outlook Calendar invite for the dates but I’ve been told it’s not possible to get it to send the invites to anyone who has been included in a People column.

If that is possible to do, I’d love to have that feature.



Definitely a necessary feature. Would love to implement this for project draft and due dates, and allow us to create Outlook Calendar reminders for staff members involved.


Hello! You can use dropdown column type to add emails of the users separated by semicolon in order to send them event/calendar invite. Please make sure when you map the outlook integration recipe to map dropdown column against attendees field.

Hope this helps.

What is the formula to send them calendar invites? Can you please elaborate? Thank you!