Google Calendar sync (NOT Integration)

Can any Monday experts out there answer my questions about the Google Calendar sync (not integration) feature? I thought this feature was being deprecated but the UI seems to have been updated with regards to this feature so it seems like it might have been brought back from the (nearly) dead.

Testing indicates that it syncs one date column only and that events will appear with a fixed 30 minute duration in GCal starting at the date/time specified in the Monday date column.
So far, syncing an end date column as well as a start date column does not change the event duration in GCal - it remains a 30 minute event in GCal.
And sync does not appear to be 2 way changing the start time in GCal does not appear to change the date column in Monday
Can anyone out there tell me more about how the calendar sync feature works please?

Thanks in advance, Patrick

Hi@botsquad ,
The Google Calendar sync feature is still available, but it is a one-way sync from to Google Calendar. This means that changes made to events in Google Calendar will not be reflected in The sync feature will only sync one date column and If you have an end date column, the event duration in Google Calendar will be set to 30 minutes. You can change the event duration in Google Calendar, but this change will not be reflected in
The sync feature is not currently available for boards with multiple work spaces.

Hope its help you,
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